New Age Political Perspectives

This is a blog to raise to peoples awareness- of the disingenuous narratives, and agendas used by many in politics, academia and in the mainstream media as sponsored by transnational elites.

In the modern era, media, politics and academia critique and focus on many important aspects requiring remedying within society. Some of the ways in which these themes are represented and repackaged,  by certain elements of journalism, academia and in politics, have been surrounded by distortions and special interests, co-opting some of these  focuses to win either political points, fit with a convenient narrative for specific purposes, or adhere to an ideology which suits particular special interests, and not the movement itself. Rendering such dialogue both disingenuous but also dissonant to the aim of the movement they have co-opted for political purposes. I am also concerned with how fringe aspects of society, for any given movement are given more voice to render the legitimacy of any such movement they tarnish, toxic or reactive. Sometimes this toxicity is stoked or even created originally by special interests within the corporate media and its other extensions to begin with. By looking at how this has occurred within some examples of recorded history as well as today, through the picking and choosing of some facts by the media, omitting fact and not showing the full picture, more insight can be provided into how this manifests in other contexts today.

As the author of this site, I have interests in advocating for the most civilised and progressive aspects of western society, from promotion of re-distributive wealth and social welfare, promotion of animal rights and by extension environmental protection in a real way. It is my view to also promote the Christian values behind the civilised world alongside these more humanitarian and reason based values and standards, both rectifying our societies where they require it. The balance between this and the western notions of genuine liberal democracy and freedom of expression and democratised voicing is what is required.